Business outline

SANKEI MANUFATEC CO.,LTD. is manufacturing automobile spare parts for export to over 80 countries.
Our products are mainly for Japanese passenger cars, commercial cars, and heavy trucks.
We build our products in Japan only. Our factory is based in Osaka city.
A distribution Center newly opened in 2013.

We constantly research and develop to improve the quality of our products.
This means we are always working towards customer satisfaction.
Through customer satisfaction, we have become a leading supplier of spare parts all over the world.

We manufacture 2 brands, SANKEI and DREIK.

・Water Temperature Sending Unit
・Thermo Switch
・Oil Pressure Sender
・P.C.V. Valve
・Stop Light Switch
・Air Stop Light Switch
・Back-Up Lamp Switch
・Radiator Cap
・Safefy Valve

・Glow Plug
・Starter Switch
・Oil Pressure Unit